Seaglass & Serenity

Seaglass is precious to me. 

I had always been mesmerized by it, but it wasn't until I found myself in a difficult time in our lives when our family was faced with some pretty hard struggles that it became much more important to me.  I needed to be grounded by being near water (whether it was a puddle in the parking lot, Lake Pepin, which is 37 minutes from me, or beautiful blue waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Aruba, the Agean seas of Greece, Curacao, St. Kitts or Mexico), and I would walk the shore for hours , helping me to figure things out, and find clarity. 
Seaglass was a byproduct of those hours, and the story of how seaglass (also called beach glass) came to be was so powerful to me, and I resonated with it's story~ 

We all start as whole, perfect beings.  We go through life getting tossed around, chipped and broken as we go on an incredible journey of transformation. And hopefully, one day, we arrive to a place of stability (the shore), found by those who love us, coveted and given a new life.  

These are my creations inspired by time on the shore. I hope they are as magical to you as they are to me! 

                                                             St. Kitts

                                                                    St. Kitts   St. Kitts   St. Kitts



                                            You can find many more Seaglass creations at Threshold Arts,
                                                      and at the Artisan Markets scheduled in 2023!